All About Me

I grew up in Southern California, where I enjoyed splashing in the ocean, popping seaweed with my big toe, building sand castles, roller skating, and playing jacks with my sister.

I started out the youngest of three, (later I got a little brother), so I spent a lot of time trying to catch up with my older brother and sister. They were always reading: books, magazines, newspapers, comic books, billboards, and cereal boxes. It looked fun and I wanted in! With lots of help from my parents, who read to me and took me to the library, I figured out how to read before I went to kindergarten. My mom used to tell me, “If you can read, you can do anything!”

When I was seven, I wrote and illustrated a book about a pair of swans who fell in love. It was brilliant – even my family said so! I decided I was going to be a real writer some day. As time went by, I added archaeologist, ballerina, movie star, singer, teacher, costume designer, artist, and librarian to my list of career goals.

Because I love to read, I studied literature in college. Then I became an elementary school teacher so I could help kids learn how to read. My favorite part of being a teacher was reading stories aloud to my class. My third graders could always talk me into reading one more chapter of Henry Huggins or Charlotte’s Web.

When my three children were small, my husband and I started an educational technology business, which we still run today. We create apps for learning math, science, reading and writing.

Now my children are grown up and I have four grandsons and two granddaughters. Everyone in my family is good at reading and using technology. It’s exciting to live in a time when so many new ways to read are being invented.

Thank you for visiting my website! I hope the stories and books I write will be as fun for you to read as they are for me to write.