Surround Your Child with Books

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My niece had a great idea at the baby shower she hosted for my daughter. She asked each guest to bring a favorite, inexpensive baby book. We made book plates with the baby’s name and a space to write a note, and voila! The baby has an instant library. As your child grows and changes, provide her with reading material appropriate for her age. My public library frequently has used book sales where you can pick up a bag of children’s books for a dollar. Once your child has outgrown them, you can pass them on to a younger child or donate them back to the library. In addition to print books,  if you use an iPad or iPhone, download something for your child next time you’re shopping. When you’re in the waiting room at the pediatrician, or in line at the grocery store, you can read a picture book together on your handheld device. It only takes a minute to make a big difference!