Reading in the Kitchen

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For countless opportunities to help your child become a strong reader, look no farther than the kitchen! You’re probably there together every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Most of your child’s favorite foods are labeled with a word that means something to him! When you pour him a bowl of Cheerio’s, read him the word on the big yellow box. In the time it takes him to pick up his spoon, he’ll know a new sight word. (Sight words are words that a child can read immediately, without sounding out the letters.) What other sight words can you and your child find in the cupboard? Graham cracker, peanut butter, macaroni and spaghetti are possibilities. For unpackaged foods like apples and carrots, print the name of each food on an index card. Then play a game with your child: see if he can find the word card for the food that he wants to eat. Or, have him place the correct index card next to each food. Have fun together, then have some milk and graham crackers!